Saturday, June 2, 2007

Malaysia Paypal Users VS Paypal - Big Problem To Malaysian Users

It's really great and sad to read all about Paypal vs Malaysia Paypal users, why i'm saying this. It's all because the problem that Malaysian Paypal users can't withdraw the money directly to any Malaysian Bank Account. This a big problem to Malaysia Paypal users actually.

Not like other Asian country-Singapore and Thailand now can accepted Paypal fund through they country bank account, Malaysian likely can't do the same thing. Malaysian can withdraw the fund unless you have US Bank Account.

What Malaysia Paypal user can do with the Paypal account:
1- Malaysian only can accept the Paypal payment and says NO to withdraw it/unless you have US Bank Account.
2- Start selling in marketplace.
3- Malaysian seller can start accept credit card payment.
4- Request and Send money worldwide.
5- Received fund Worldwide.
6- Put a Donation button in your Blogs. Lols...

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Why Malaysian Paypal Get Limited.
1- Credit card fraud in Malaysia
2- Malaysian attend to do something not nice with the facilities.
3- High rates of scams involving Malaysian users.
4- Terrorist activities (come on)
5- Money laundering

What Solution Malaysian Users Have.
1- Try to open US Bank Account/Singapore Bank Account or Thailand Bank Account(go to Singapore and Thailand).
2- Fund the Paypal fund you have to your friend that can help you withdraw it.
3- Use the money for online shopping.
4- Sell the fund to other Paypal user that want to buy it.
5- Use alternative Payment gateway online like MoneyBookers, Ikobo and other.

For me Paypal will open the door to all Malaysian users to it's full benefit in the near future i think. But what the date, month or years i don't know. I believe it will happen because Paypal HQ are now in Singapore.

There is a War Where We Can't Win.


Leave me your comment regarding this matter, what can Malaysian Paypal users do to withdraw the fund. Share your comment here.

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