Friday, June 1, 2007

How To Show A Picture Worth Than A Thousand Words

A picture's worth than a thousand words. Maybe because of that words, Google agree to purchased Panoramio, Spain based website that have a link to million of pictures taken Worldwide. Panoramio is different from other community photo website because it has a link all the pictures to the actual geographical location where the pictures was taken. All details can be found here

Google Earth user will notice all the this because Panoramio will be integrated into Google Earth as a default layer. Read here for more info on Panoramio and Google (FAQ). Some of the Panoramio member picture.

That why I tell you
"picture's worth than thousand words"
It's also worth a thousand dollar for Google.

I met a Bitch at work...

You also can check a Asian bloggers that only draw a picture instead of writing on his blog, for me that really special to expressed your feeling on anything. Great way of blogging, some of the picture that can be find there.

Please teach your kids to behave.

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