Thursday, May 31, 2007

Microsoft Surface Technology Launch

How many of us can imagine do all the computer world works with a touch of screen, maybe we can see it on Minority Report or film only. Nothing is impossible with Microsoft Technologies. Newly, they launch the Microsoft Surface, the first new category in surface computing that "break the traditional barrier between people and technology".

"Break the traditional barrier" here for means all new Microsoft Surface tech is the ability of the technology to recognize physical objects from a paintbrush to a cell phone and allows hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. Play your favorite music by just dragging down the song to the player. How our life will be simple after this.

Surface new tech turns an ordinary tabletop into a dynamic surface that provides interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Imagine the image from the digital camera easily can be retrieve just by putting the device on the Surface. Lolz...

But all this technology are at new level, I can wait to see it for my self. More photo below.

via techcrunch


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