Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How To Create Free Online Storage With Gmail Account

What can we do with new capacity of Gmail account that come with 2.8GB storage capacity. The fact is, now each GMail account comes with a 2.8Gb (will comes more i think) storage capacity but how many among us are actually utilizing it in full.

Here’s I will show just a 1 ways on how you can turn your GMail into an huge 2.8GB online storage. That’s right, a 2.8Gb, if you have only 1 account web storage to keep/retrieve anything you want online simply just by uploading/downloading them. Imagine that you had 2 free Gmail account. Superb free storage...

Step 1. Download Gspace Extension for Firefox

Step 1: Download this nice extension first, actually this is an extension for firefox with a interface very similar to FTP application. It comes in 4 different modes (File transfer mode, Player mode, Photo mode, Gmail drive mode), with File transfer mode as default. Here’s how File transfer mode looks like.

If you don't have firefox yet, you can download it here for free

Finished the instalation and you can see this on your computer

  • Top left – My Computer
  • Top right – My Gspace
  • Bottom left – Transfer progress
  • Bottom right – Transfer status

How to Transfer

Select file(s) from Top left (My Computer) and click upload button.

Why it's Hot for me:

* Check your Gmail account with a click only
* Ability to send files to other users
* Handles multiple Gmail Account with just 1 interface

Why it's not hot for me:

* Not a standalone application, only works in Firefox

Try it for your self.

Install Gspace Extension for Firefox / Download Firefox with Google Toolbar.

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