Sunday, June 3, 2007

How To Trick Paypal = Malaysian Paypal vs Paypal vs Limited Account Access

Malaysian Paypal VS Paypal VS Limited Account Access

It's all about Paypal again, but this time I want to write about a post i found on the net and about paypal limited account access.

I just found this interesting post when i browse for Malaysian Paypal (keywords) on the net. The title post is very much interesting on it's goes like this "How to Trick PayPal and Add a Fake U.S. Bank Account". I'm so supprised when i read the title post and make me wanna know more what about it.

Actually, this guy from Malaysia teach how to add a fake US bank account to accept pending payment in your Paypal account(on May Paypal had some minor problem, some of the users had problem to received payment-i also had this problem).

The post there teach how to trick Paypal with a temporarily solution-with his method he succesfully accept the pending payment in Paypal account. Add the fake US account> Received the Payment> Remove the fake US account. Hmmm.....sound really interesting and easy method.

With this method you will get:
1- Fake US account.
2- Routing Number-Fake routing number since the account is fake.
3- Bank name-The Bank Of New York-Cool haaa....
4- Your pending payment can be accepted.

What hots with this idea:
1- You can release your payment if success.
2- You can use fake US Bank Account for free-really cool.
3- You can cheat Paypal-that even cool for me.

What not hots with this idea:
1- Great gurus-Malaysian guy teach this method-that why Malaysian Paypal users had many problem.
2- You can get limited account access or being suspended by Paypal.
3- List the risk yourself.

That why many Malaysian Paypal users get suspended and had limited account access. Trying to outsmart Paypal is not a good idea i think. With this kind of act, Paypal will track you easily and you can get big problem.

This kind of attitude and activities not only make some the user that outsmart Paypal will get the problem, it's also will make all Malaysian users get into the problem. It will make hard to us to use full benefits of Paypal program. The old issues with Paypal like - can't withdraw our fund to local bank will goes on if Paypal sees Malaysian users as a bomb shell to it's community.

For me the "Spill-over" will effect all users.

Once words " don't try this" trick man.

Let me know what your opinion on this matter, Malaysian Paypal user for most-leave your comment here.

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Steve Yu said...

I guess I am "this guy from Malaysia" you mentioned about. I have my difficulty to use this risky method in case you didn't read it

"Why am I risking my account to use this method? It is because I have pending payments since last month and unluckily the day I add my credit card in Paypal, this problem occured, if I don't accept the payments, the money will be returned."

Somehow, I admit that I should not publish this post in my blog.

WhoopS said...

hmmm...i just post a reply to your blog post because i think new paypal users, mainly in Malaysia should not test that method.

We must stand together to earn our spot in Paypal and use the features like other.

Btw, I don't have any attention to accuse you or what other regarding your post.

SEO Engineering 101 said...

Yeah...try the nasty tricks and they even ask for your birth certs.

Trust me, I know.

Read abt my report on the way they do things too..

best wishes

azrin @

WhoopS said...

yups that true azrin.