Sunday, June 3, 2007

Maximize The Use Of Online Note Taking Application

Webmaster, full time Blogger or even a office workers usually deal with huge unstructured information almost every day. Massive information like phone numbers, mother recipes, web information and other will make your computer "eat" huge amount of inputs.

Don't make all this unstructured information tie up yourself to one computer only. But smartly make it access from everywhere just from a web browser. As long that place can reach Internet connection, there are many application nowadays that you can use.

Here, I will give you 5 application that you can use:

1- Google Notebook - simple interface for your snippets of text. You can open, edit and publish your job into the web. Comes also with Firefox add-on extension.

2- mynoteIT - Basically for student because the notes can be organize into classes and courses. Comes with calendar for tracking your due date assignment submission.

3- Notezz! - Maintain any list of notes, you can add, edit and delete.

4- Stikkit - Had friendly surface, can tagging and bookmarks any notes. Suitable for any developer that want to tie their notes to each other application.

5- Zoho Notebook - HTML or RSS feeds can be added to any notes that you create. This application also had Firefox add on. The best online notes application I think.

There are many other application online that you can use, just keep looking which one suite your needs.

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