Thursday, November 8, 2007

Smorty--Make Money Blogging

Now I will try to make some money online and get paid to blog with Smorty. Smorty is a blog advertising network where you will get paid to write an opinion post for Smorty advertisers. What you need to do is write your original opinion about any products, services or websites on your blog.

How to make money with Smorty
You can get paid for blogging with Smorty when you write any opinion post that suitable to your blog. To get started you can select any subjects that interest you, make a post with advertisers chosen keywords, submit the post and then you will get paid by weekly basis. For me Smorthy advertise on blogs post is one of the easiest way to make money blogging.

How much I can earn
Actually you can earn as much as you like - where your earning are directly related to the number of valid opinion of your post. For this blog for money post I will get paid $6 and I hope the earning will increase soon. Actually there are blogger that earn even $100 for just one post. for me the times will come.

What is the special about Smorty?
Even though Smorty is not like PayPerPost that have many features opportunity that you can select. But one thing I really like about Smorty is there is no strict rule for the blogger to publish the reviews - yes you are given 3 days to complete the task, but if you know how to write a post you can complete the task in 1 day only.

Smorty will offer you to make a review by emailed the opportunity to you or you can select all the opportunity that you want to grab in your Smorty dashboard. Ones of the special features that Smorty blog advertisement offer is you can register multiple blogs to earn more. But you must create a different and unique content for each blogs.

Don't wait anymore come join Smorty

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