Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ashop eCommerce Software--Not Just A Shopping Cart Software

Today I got a chance to make a review for Ashop ecommerce software through Smorty. In this review I will include what Ashop shopping cart software is all about, Ashop cart software features and it's worthy or not for you to pay for Ashop.

Reason you need shopping cart software?.
You will need a shopping cart software if you want to run your own e-commerce business or online store selling any of your products. To choose a good shopping cart software, you as a seller must understand how the ecommerce software works - from the online and offline customer support, what is the payment gateway integrated, design and the security of your online store. This is what basic shopping cart software you need to know.

I think all these features are not a problem with Ashop because they are offering the 10 days free trial for any users that want to test drive and explore all the Ashop software features. If you refer the Ashop features page, you will notice that to get use Ashop shopping cart software you don't have to install any plug-in or program, all come together with Ashop secure hosting and 99.8% guarented uptime.

What Ashop can offer?.
After I test drive the Ashop for myself, I make this conclusion "users just need to find the products to sell and monitor the operating, and the rest leave to Ashop". Once your shopping cart software is setup, you will not be left alone. Ashop Commerce provides free technical support, customized design, secure hosting, daily backups and other user friendly operating system. I also really like products feed for popular shopping sites that Ashop offer.

The biggest feature that wisely integrated by Ashop is their web optimisation for all it online store. All page title with keywords embedded, spider friendly URL and you also will get free SEO tips and tools. Other than Ashop software also had a integration with Google Checkout, and direct integration of shipping services through major couriers and USPS. For me it worthy to set up your own online ecommerce store with Ashop.

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